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How do I restore documents deleted from a SmartSync file?
Viewed 1921 times since Sun, Jan 3, 2016
The Working Papers Recycle Bin is not available if you are using CaseWare Online (SmartSync). Therefore when a document is deleted from the document manager, it goes straight to the Windows Desktop Recycle Bin. Follow these steps for the easiest way... Read More
CaseWare Online do’s and don’ts
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Here is the top 11 dos and don’ts for workings with CaseWare Online  Do’s  Don’ts Select a lower setting when scanning document (Black and White 300 dpi) Scan documents with a high resolution (Color 600 dpi) Use... Read More
What is the difference between ’Delete Synchronized Copy" and "Abandon Synchronized copies"
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File | Delete Synchronised Copy This function is used when you want to delete your child copy from your computer. You must use the File | Delete Synchronized Copy instead of Windows explorer.    Tools | Maintenance | Abandon Synchronized Copy This... Read More
What are the current release versions distributed by CaseWare India?
Viewed 1524 times since Wed, Jan 6, 2016
The following release versions are currently distributed by CaseWare India: CaseWare Working Papers 2017.00.225 CaseWare Working Papers SmartSync 2016.00.181 CaseWare Working Papers SmartSync Server 2016.00.115 Audit System 19.00.310 Rev A... Read More
Abandon Sync Copy
Viewed 1203 times since Sun, Jan 3, 2016
What is it? Abandon synchronised copy allows the user to break the connection between the parent file and other child copies. When do we use it? If you want to perform template update on your file, you can have only 1 child copy during the update... Read More
How do I share a CaseWare file with another CaseWare firm?
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CaseWare Working Papers engagement files can be shared between firms who subscribe to the software.  To share a CaseWare file with another firm, follow the steps below: Launch CaseWare Working Papers Locate and open the CaseWare file you wish to... Read More