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Why should I link client query to my audit procedure ?
Viewed 1000 times since Thu, Apr 27, 2017
Some of our clients wants to benefit maximum using the collaborative experience provided by Audit India.   Linking a query to a procedure helps the audit team to easily identify and pick client responses, which comes as a notification at the related... Read More
Can I work on multiple audit files at the same time ?
Viewed 800 times since Thu, Apr 27, 2017
Most of our clients work on multiple engagements.   There is no restriction in Audit India with regards to working on multiple audit files based on your requirement.   Read More
Should I opt for dynamic risk-control form or manual ICFR forms ?
Viewed 782 times since Wed, Apr 26, 2017
Audit India is enables you to tackle ICFR documentation and do your risk assessment in two ways. This option has to be made at the planning optimiser level. Manual form with pre-populated suggestion from ICAI guidelines These forms can be found in... Read More
How should the audit file to be shared with the peer reviewer ?
Viewed 721 times since Thu, Apr 27, 2017
Peer reviewers need access to the audit workpapers to complete their task. Once the documentation is completed and file is locked down Click Select Downloaded reference copy .This will download a pdf copy of your file for the reviewer. Read More
When a preparer and reviewer is assigned while creating a file, are only those people who can sign off the procedures?
Viewed 709 times since Wed, Apr 26, 2017
The tabs to mention the preparer and reviewer at the creation of a file is to identify the responsibility with relevant team members. Audit India will not restrict another user signing of procedure/s if the file is shared with him. How ever it is... Read More