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Why do my Document Manager headings display as role number (e.g. Role 1) instead of role title (e.g. Auditor)?
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The Audit System template contains multiple Role Sets. This means that the sign-off for ’Managers’ or ’Partners’ for each role set may be different and that is the reason why the column headings display "Role 1; Role 2; Role 3... Read More
Tip Vid - What is OneForm?
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What is OneForm? OneForm is a free form workpaper (memo) designed by CaseWare International and updated to suit Indian requirements. OneForm is designed to provide a Microsoft Word type of experience, where it is easy to add, modify and change... Read More
How do you ensure your CaseWare Engagement file(s) compliant with the SAs? (6-100)
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The Audit System compliance document, 6-100 Sign-off Report - SA Requirements, lists every requirement of the SAs (Indian Auditing Standards) and automatically indicates which ones have been addressed, as the auditor completes relevant workpapers in... Read More
What are the current release versions distributed by CaseWare India?
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The following release versions are currently distributed by CaseWare India: CaseWare Working Papers 2017.00.225 CaseWare Working Papers SmartSync 2016.00.181 CaseWare Working Papers SmartSync Server 2016.00.115 Audit System 19.00.310 Rev A... Read More
What is FSAs relationship between the Risks, Controls and Reportable Items dialog ?
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The FSA worksheet is one of the most important documents in the Audit System template. One key feature of the FSA is to control the FSAs that appear in the risk, control and reportable items dialog. The risk dialog will only show material items based... Read More
What are the CaseWare India Audit System Assertions?
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The CaseWare India  Audit System Assertions are combining the assertions used by the auditors in considering the different types of potential misstatements that may occur. In the Audit System template, CaseWare India  merge the assertions from SA... Read More
Audit System Process Map
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These Audit System flowcharts illustrates how best to apply Audit System to an audit engagement file.  Note: These flowcharts do not include references to all documents in Audit System, just the key documents.  Read More
How do I use the Programs and Checklists sign-off report (6-110)?
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Status of Programs and Checklists Document 6-110: Sign-off Report - Programs/Checklists, allows reviewers to ascertain the completion status of all programs and checklists. This document lists individually the status of every program / checklist with... Read More
What is the relationship between FSA and Sampling Worksheets?
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The sample size worksheets from B.70 - X.70, are linked to the Inherent Risk and Control Risk ratings made in the FSA Worksheet. Furthermore for an auditor this helps to begin the calculation for their sample size worksheet.  Required level of... Read More
What are the different audit document formats?
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The Audit System Template provides several different document formats within the Document Manager.  The most common formats are: Programs: These documents generally contain instructions (or procedures) that the auditor conducts. There are columns... Read More