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How do I determine which accounts make up each line item in the Notes to Financial Statements?

In the Financials, users are presently able to double-click a balance within the Statements (for example, Balance Sheet and Income Statement), to display all the individual trial balance accounts that makes up the total.

However, the Notes to the Financial Statements does not have this functionality.

Users can create a supporting Trial Balance – by map no document which will:

  • Display all the map numbers that have been used to map the Working Trial Balance; and
  • Display all trial balance accounts under their assigned map number.

Follow the steps below to achieve this:

  1. Ensure you are in CaseWare Working Papers.
  2. Navigate to folder 30-400 - Trial Balance and Variance Reports and select it.
  3. From the menus, select Document | New > Automatic Document. The appropriate screen will appear.
  4. Enter a unique number and name.
  5. For Document Type, select Trial Balance.
  6. For Format, select Group hierarchy with subtotals.
  7. For Grouping, select Map No.
  8. In the dBase Filter type: AM->OPEN<>0. This will remove all unused map numbers from the list.
  9. From the list of options below, select Auto Arrange and Show Amount Change.
  10. Click OK. The document will now be added to the document manager.
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