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How do I rename my CaseWare engagement file?

Note the following: 

  • An engagement file cannot be renamed within Windows Explorer.
  • The rename function is not available within an engagement file (File > Close will return you to the welcome screen).

Follow the steps below to rename an engagement file:

    1. Launch CaseWare Working Papers.
    2. From the File tab, select Rename File. The rename file options will appear on the right
    3. In the Select client file to rename field, click the drop down button to choose the file you wish to rename.
    4. In the New Name field, enter a desired name.
    5. Select Generate a new identifier for this file.
    6. Click the Rename File to rename the selected engagement.

Note: This functionality is unavailable for SmartSync files. To use this funcitonality, Child Copies will have to be recalled back into the Parent Copy and the Parent Copy will have to be reverted back to non-SmartSync version.

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