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How to reset/revoke my Authorisation Code to use CaseWare on a different PC


1. How do I revoke a standalone license registered on an old PC?

  1. Open CaseWare Working Papers > File.
  2. Select Revoke License.
  3. Select Automatic Revocation
  4. Click Next
  5. Fill the Information, click Next
  6. Click Finish


2. How do I register a standalone license on your new PC?

  1. Open CaseWare Working Papers > File.
  2. Select About Licensing and select Register Standalone License.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Enter your authorisation code.
  5. Choose "Register over the internet".
  6. Click Next and click Okay.


If the user of a CaseWare Working Papers license has a hard drive failure or had their old PC broken, we can reset their authorisation code to allow them to reinstall and then go through the registration process on the new PC. 

The user must email CaseWare India Support at with the following:

  1. A written advice of the reasons for wanting us to reset the code, and
  2. The actual authorisation code or license and repair lock code they wish to reset and register to a different PC and/or
  3. Your CaseWare client code
  4. The username and/or
  5. The hostname of the old machine (if it is known). 

The CaseWare India Support team will then reset the code and provide confirmation to the user.

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